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Pecorino Romano: Savory and Sassy

In Italian, the word “Pecorino” simply means “sheep’s milk cheese.” There are hundreds produced, ranging from young and tender to firm and intense, and including anything from peppercorns to truffles to red pepper flakes.

Because we cook so much with cheese, I’m always seeking flavorful, robust, low-maintenance additions to our cheese drawer. One that often cycles through is the beloved Pecorino Romano. This cheese is made today just as it has been for over 2000 years (in fact, it was carried as rations for ancient Roman troops because it was so nutritious). When you taste Pecorino Romano, you are tasting history.

Milk: 100% Sheep

Taste: Salty and super-tangy. Some would even call it “gamey.” But in a great way.

Texture: Very firm. Perfect for grating, but also for slicing. Serving at room temperature is CRITICAL for this cheese, as the high fat content will cause it to be brittle and almost flavorless when cold.

Cooking: Melts well, but is especially impactful when grated over roasted vegetables or pasta, as its flavor is robust throughout heating.


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