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Dragon’s Breath: Raw. Fiery. Fierce.

Keswick Creamery’s Dragon’s Breath has been with Cheesetique almost from the beginning. Once we tasted it, we knew that it would be the only cheese on earth that could make our Pimiento Cheese so special. We used it then. We use it now.

Keswick Creamery is a special place. Located near Newburg, PA, it takes pride in its herd of Jersey cows, which graze on fresh pastures and never see artificial hormones. Keswick uses organic practices and time-honored cheese-making techniques.

Dragon’s Breath is a raw cows’ milk cheese in the style of Jack, but with the addition of Jalapeño, Habanero, and Birdseye peppers. This trifecta of fire makes for such a unique, layered heat, that Dragon’s Breath is elevated from merely a “pepper jack” to a work of art. Another reason this cheese is so exceptional? The unpasteurized milk gives the cheese itself such defined flavor, it really stands up to the spice.

If you want to try Dragon’s Breath in the flesh, ask for a taste at our cheese counter. Or take home a tub of our Pimiento Cheese. You won’t regret it.

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