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Grayson, a.k.a. Sir Stinks-a-lot

Grayson is one of those cheeses that people either love… or can’t stand. Like literally can’t stand near it. Falling into the Washed-Rind category, Grayson is a particularly heady specimen. Not only it its rind moist and pungent, but the cheese is also unpasteurized, which makes the flavors even more pronounced. The paste is velvety and rich while the edible rind is supple and piquant (yes, this rind is edible – try it!)

Some call Grayson “meaty” or “farmy” or even “fruity” (yes – those are the hard-core stink lovers). I call Grayson a work of art, made by hand on a family farm in Galax, Virginia, called Meadow Creek Dairy. The cows are pasture-born and pasture-raised, never confined, and dine on rich grasses all season long.

Cheeses like Grayson are best paired with off-dry white wines like Riesling or for the optimal combination, go for a full-flavored beer.

Learn how to store stinky cheeses like Grayson at home in this handy-dandy video by our owner, Jill Erber.

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