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Stop! Don’t toss that rind.

Once the delicious Parm has been grated away, most of us just toss the rind, believing it to be useless. It’s hard. It’s waxy on the outside. It has writing on it, for goodness sake! Well, that rind has not seen its last hurrah – because what is the rind of a wheel of Parm? Super-concentrated Parm! The flavors within are just waiting to be released.

No, you can’t put the rind on your cheese platter, but you CAN cook with it! Simply toss the rind into soup or sauce while cooking and the cheesiness will melt seamlessly, boosting flavor and adding richness. Once your dish is done cooking, simply remove the (now squishy) rind and throw it away.

Can’t use the rind right away? Place it in a ziploc bag and store it in the freezer. No need to thaw before using.

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