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Open Later on Sundays

Starting this weekend, Cheesetique is expanding our Sunday hours even further. We will now be open till 6 PM every Sunday and we open at 11 AM for shopping and/or dining. See you early… or late!

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Wine Promotion: Chianti Colli Fiorentini

Welcome to our first ever wine promotion at Cheesetique!

Cheesetique prides itself in selecting wines that are not only delicious on their own, but that pair beautifully with food. Anyone who drinks wine often enough knows that you can’t always get both in one wine. Our first promotional wine is a perfect example of a great sipper AND a great food enhancer. Chianti Colli Fiorentini 2006 is a super-special Italian Chianti that you will absolutely adore. We are offering half-cases and cases of this wine only to wine promotion responders. And it’s at the lowest price you’ll find anywhere in the country. Simply click here to learn LOTS more about the wine, pricing, etc. Then, if you’re interested in ordering, the instructions are right there.

Thank you for reading (and hopefully ordering)!

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Bless the Chinese Cheese Maker

Folks, meet Liu Yang. Mr. Yang lives on the outskirts of Beijing and was destined (and trained) to become a mid-level IT manager. Instead, he threw caution – and his life savings – to the wind and began making his own cheese. He now sells such creations as “Beijing Grey” Camembert in his own shop. Note: Yang claims his Camembert is not named after the Beijing smog. Either way, we think this would be a great complement to Humboldt Fog from California 🙂

We here at Cheesetique would like to give a huge shout-out to Mr. Yang, who took a chance on a dream, even when unsure about how it would be received. You see, the Chinese are not famous for their cheese-adoration. In fact, a huge insult in China is to say that someone smells like cheese. (But really, even in America, we would not want someone saying we smell like cheese, would we?) Anyway, his efforts have not yet been rewarded – the natives are cautious but curious. Yang hopes that soon, his business will take off.

Bravo, Liu Yang, for being an inspiration to us all. I just have one question: do you ship?

I read about Yang here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/china/6000393/Chinese-cheesemaker-tries-to-woo-sceptical-nation.html
Thanks to @doubleeindc for sending me a Tweet about it!

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Inventory: just one one to say “I love you”

On Monday, I and my intrepid staff spent the entire day crawling around, digging out cases, and scraping gunk in order to count cheeses, meats, and jars of stuff (ok, to be fair, I didn’t really crawl around – they did. I just entered stuff in the computer). It just reminded me how many THINGS we have at Cheesetique, like nearly 300 cheeses in stock. Imagine taking each piece out, weighing it, rewrapping it, and returning it attractively to whence it came. Picture counting each jar of jam, each bottle of wine, each bar of chocolate. No wonder it was such a long day! Luckily, we had some happy folks helping out. I included photos as evidence of their focus and hard work 🙂

Thanks, team, for, um, taking one for the team!

Shake your body down to the floor… it’s Sarah and Tommy cleaning out the case!

Have list, will travel… it’s Bill counting dry goods!

She flies through the air with the slightest of ease… it’s Maud counting wine!

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Go Perdie!

My hubbie and I were driving north on Commonwealth Avenue on Sunday and walking in the other direction was an interesting character. He was an unassuming dude with a walking stick, a huge American flag, and a simple posterboard that read, “Perdie Across America”.

We of course had to rush home and check out what this guy was up to. Now that I know, I wish I had stopped him on the street, given him a hug, some lunch, a foot rub, and my sincerest wishes for a safe journey. Why? Because this guy is a film maker who became so incensed at exorbitant government spending and our loss of personal liberty that he is walking across the country to protest and bring awareness. “It is his belief that Americans should demonstrate their perseverance of individual strength, responsibility, and independence.” (www.perdie.com)

More power to you, Perdie! And if you’re still in the area, lunch is on me!

P.S. Since I try to keep all of my posts food-related, I will take a moment to mention our delicious homemade Pimiento Cheese – it travels really well, Perdie! (hint hint)

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And the Winner Is… Truffle Tremor!

Congratulations to the wonderful cheese makers at Cypress Grove Chevre for winning the coveted SOFI award at this year’s Fancy Food Show! Their outstanding Truffle Tremor, a classic favorite at Cheesetique, took the honors. Bravo!

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Will Tweet for Cheese!

Ok, folks. Consider me a happy passenger on the Twitter bandwagon! Follow the Cheese Lady for updates on new goodies at Cheesetique! And cool cheese-related snippets. And various culinary musings.

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And you thought Smart Cars were cute?

In the spirit of falling in love with anything “mini”, I share with you a heart-warming story of tiny bovines. The LA Times featured a story on the growing movement in the US of ranching with miniature cows and steers. Yes, you heard correctly. These little critters are less than half the size of their traditional land-hogging, food-hogging counterparts. But the milk or meat they provide is substantial. The coolest part of all is that the minis are not genetically engineered and are not dwarfs. They are original breeds that lost popularity when large farms were more common and land and feed were at less of a premium.

With the surge in minis, farmers can further participate in the small-farm and natural-feed movements, as the little guys need so much less space on which to graze. Plus, they are SO CUTE it’s just unbelievable. I call this a win-win!

I have a tie for my favorite quote from the story between:
“Farmers who raise mini Jerseys brag how each animal provides 2 to 3 gallons of milk a day, though they complain about having to crouch down on their knees to reach the udders.”
~and ~
“They also had a tough time finding collars for ID tags small enough to stay put on their calves. So the owners … went to a pet store and bought dog collars. ‘It wasn’t until later that we realized they had tiny hamburger and hot dog designs on them,’ Mintun said.”

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Cheesetique wins in Washingtonian Magazine!

I’m thrilled to announce that after only one year in business, the Cheese & Wine Bar has been selected as a Top 100 Place to Eat Cheap! This is an amazing honor because it not only means that our menu items are sensitively priced, but that they are super-delicious “bargains”! Our little write-up was equally glowing, calling us a “fantasyland for the cheese-obsessed”. 

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Roquefort Tariff Canceled!

Yahoo! That stinky Roquefort tariff has been canceled due to the EU’s promise to triple its importation of hormone-free meat from the US. This appears to be a win-win.

The good news: Roquefort lives to fight another day!
The not-so-good-news: Cheesetique will adjust its previously crazy-low Roquefort price back to normal levels this weekend, so grab your $20/pound Roquefort while you can.

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