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Ye Olde Dragon’s Breath

No, this is not a critique (I couldn’t possibly smell you from here). Nor is it a personal admission, as I am minty fresh. The Dragon’s Breath to which I refer is none other than the beloved raw cow’s milk cheese from Keswick Creamery in Newburg, PA. (As a side note, Keswick is also a Dairy CSA, which means you can purchase a share and have access to fresh raw milk if you’re interested.)

We have carried Keswick cheeses for years now – Wallaby is one of my all-time faves. But coming off of the recent “Summertime Cheese” class, my mind is still in the realm of the zippy flavored eating and melting cheeses. Case in point: Dragon’s Breath. This raw milk cheese is chock-full of chopped habanero peppers. Yes, I said habanero. Not jalapeno. Not serrano. Not chipotle. HABANERO. That little orange bundle of fire that is so cheerful looking, you might be tempted to pop a whole one in your mouth. Please do not do that. I let a habanero touch my lip once and I felt like a had grilled my face. And don’t even LET it near your eyes.

Anyway, back to the cheese. The cool thing about Dragon’s Breath is that because it’s made from raw milk, the cheese iteself has a dreamy tender texture and a really full flavor. Add the pepper punch and you have a new best friend. Try Dragon’s Breath straight if you dare – or melt it on a burger. Whoooooosh! (that’s supposed to be the sound effect of a flame thrower)

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Viva La CheeseLog!

A new web site is a glorious thing. It allows us to rethink all sorts of goodies, not least of which is how best to sum up our entire business in a few concise pages. Please – if there’s something you’d like to see or if you find any *gasp!* bugs in the site, please let us know.

I’m most excited about the new site because writing in the CheeseLog is so much easier now! That means you’ll get more posts – and what could be better than that???

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