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Cheesetique in Washingtonian AGAIN!

Cheesetique is featured TWICE in the November issue of the Washingtonian magazine. One page 141, they talk about (and have a cute picture of) our new “Holiday Bucket”. On page 142, we are included in the “Grilled Cheese Goes Glam” section for our outstanding grilled cheese sandwich. Thank you AGAIN, Washingtonian!

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12 Bottles of Wine = 20% Off!

Get any 12 bottles of wine and you will receive 20% off each one! Of course, this counts for full cases of the same wine (which we can special-order).
So, have a ball! Pick 12 wines and revel in your discount!
Good through Thanksgiving… Happy Holidays!

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Cheesetique is “Good to Go” in Washington Post

Check out the Washington Post this morning (as if you weren’t already). Our very own Cheesetique is featured prominently in the Food Section’s “Good to Go” column. If you don’t have a printed copy, you can check out the article here Thank you, Washington Post!

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Welcome Holiday Bucket!

Introducing the newest addition to the Cheesetique gift family: the Holiday Gift Bucket!

A charming collection of Wensleydale with Cranberries (1/2 lb.), wheat crackers, Chianti or Pinot Grigio salami, hand-made shortbread, a cheese spreader, and three chocolate fig truffles!
Only $40!

Check out all of our gift options, including platters, custom buckets, and gift certificates here.

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It’s getting cool outside and on our menu!

Just this week we launched our new Autumn/Winter menu at the Cheese & Wine Bar. When I say the new features are rich and satisfying, I mean YUM! Our mac and cheese is over the top (hello truffle oil!) and our new sandwiches and salads are wonderful reflections of the season. Even the dressings are bold yet cozy. Check out the details here.

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Adios, Burrata!

As the weather turns cool, the time of the burrata is quickly passing. Don’t fret – that lovely creamy gem will return next spring. Until then, we’ve got buffalo mozzarella and cow milk mozzarella to hold you over. If you’re a true burrata hound, hurry over the grab one from our final batch. Help burrata go out with a bang!

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The Iberico de Bellota finally arrived yesterday. Of course, we had to cut into it immediately and we were not disappointed! The meat is tender and very rich. Instead of a salty start, you get more of a sweetness. It is really full-flavored – a little goes a LOOOOOOONG way. And that’s a good thing, considering it’s $99 per pound 🙂

Stop in anytime to get a slice (or two) of heaven.

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Iberico Countdown Continues: THREE!

In honor of the three days remaining until the arrival of the Iberico de Bellota ham, we today celebrate a trio of pigs known and loved by all. They are cleverly named “The Three Little Pigs”. These nice fellows are famous for liking to build homes while being pursued by a wolf. Anyone who has ever overseen a large construction project knows that this is indeed a myth. Most of us would be savagely eaten while stuck in building permit limbo. But hey – this is a fairy tale, so we’ll believe that these little guys could build homes under the imminent threat of being prey. Sadly, only one had the ingenuity to build a sturdy home of bricks, while the other two opted for the oh-so-wise choice of straw and sticks. Again, in real life, the two hapless builders would suffer their due fate: becoming dinner. But in the happy jolly world of fairy tales, they escape and congregate in the home of the only smart one in the bunch: the brick builder. So, when the big bad wolf comes to huff, puff, and blow that last home down, he falls into a respiratory fit and passes out (or something like that).

All that being said, I have one lesson for you all: Bricks, people. Bricks!

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Iberico Countdown Continues: FOUR!

Oh Babe. How we love you. How you make us giggle. How your voice is the most dulcet of tones. How your determination to follow your dream is never stifled. You all must remember Babe, that precious mini-porker whose greatest ambition was to become a sheep herder. Never mind that he was a pig with short, stout legs. His sheer will and intelligence allowed him to prevail. Plus, I love that guy who played the farmer. We admire you, Babe. Not only because you overcame adversity, but because you did it while being so gosh-darn cute! To quote the inimitable Styx, “Babe, I love you.”

Join us tomorrow for more pig adoration…

(Oh – and only four days to go till the Iberico de Belotta ham arrives.)

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Iberico Countdown Continues: FIVE!

Only five days left till the acorn-influenced flavor of Iberico ham hits Cheesetique. As promised, we celebrate its imminent arrival by featuring a famous pig of the day. Yesterday was the Iberico pig itself. Today, we take a more whimiscal turn and focus on many little girls’ first role model of assertive, outspoken piggitude: Miss Piggy!

Not only was Miss Piggy not afraid of loving a frog, but she referred to herself as “moi”, something I’ve tried and failed to do. Accomplished stage performer, fabulous fashion icon, accomplished author (yes, she was on the New York Times Bestseller list), and all-around media mogul, Miss Piggy was a porker to be loved and feared. Here’s to Miss Piggy!

See you tomorrow with another installment of “Pigs to Know”.

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