New Class: Springtime in Spain

A culinary tour of Spain with a bountiful tasting of Spanish cheeses, cured meats, wines, and traditional accompaniments. EARLY-BIRD DISCOUNT THROUGH SUNDAY 3/26!

Ballston, April 2

Del Ray, April 9

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Cheese & Wine Class: Greatest Hits from the Past 10 Years

Cheese & Wine Class: Greatest Hits – Oct. 20, ShirlingtonNOTE: the class on the 27th in Del Ray is already sold out. Luckily, there are a few spots left in the same class in Shirlington on the 20th. Join us!


Ten years ago this month, Cheesetique hosted its very first cheese class in our original location. In honor of ten years of teaching (and thousands of amazing cheese lovers attending), we will throw a true Cheese & Wine Extravaganza this month.

For two nights only (one in Shirlington and one in Del Ray), I will partner with one of our most beloved and genius-like wine experts to present the best of Cheesetique. We will learn about classifying cheeses while tasting eight of Cheesetique’s most popular – and that says a lot considering we carry hundreds. For perfect pairing, we will also enjoy eight of your most beloved wines from classes gone by.

All your favorites. All in one event. What a special evening to celebrate, while learning AND eating.


Date: Monday, October 20th, 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Location: Cheesetique Shirlington
Instructors: Cheese Lady Jill Erber and Wine Expert James Kellaris
Yummies: 8 uber-popular cheeses and 8 all-time-favorite wines
Cost: $55/person

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Sign up for our next Wine Maker Class: Carrick of New Zealand

Ah… New Zealand. Many will confess that their first thought when hearing the name is the Lord of the Rings. Images of Hobbits scampering about; mountain crevices filled with treachery; THE PRECIOUS!!! I’ll wager that after an evening spent with Carrick’s wine maker, Francis Hutt, our thoughts will shift from Mordor to Pinot Noir. Care to join us?

We will sample five of Carrick’s acclaimed wines, along with a bevvy of perfectly presented cheeses. But even more exciting is the opportunity to speak with such an accomplished wine maker who specializes in organic, by-hand methods. Just check out this excerpt from their website, which speaks about the challenges of remaining an organic producer with this region’s challenging terroir:

Situated on windblown loess soils the vineyards have low natural fertility encouraging the vines to grow their roots into the deep fractured schist layers resulting in wines of character and structure. Mindful of the special nature of the soils, Carrick is farmed using only organic practices. In order to produce exceptional wines; pruning, shoot positioning, shoot and fruit thinning, leaf plucking and picking are carried out by hand. There is extensive use of cover crops to encourage natural biodiversity and useful insects and we are rewarded by the numbers of beneficial birds that live in the vineyards. The “must” from the winery along with other organic material is composted and fed back to the vineyards. The compost heaps are also the territory of our free range hens who roam the vineyard and provide eggs for the restaurant.


Date: Sunday, October 5th, 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Location: Cheesetique Del Ray
Instructor: Carrick wine maker Francis Hutt and the Del Ray Cheese Crew
Yummies: 5 acclaimed Carrick wines; 8 fabulous cheeses
Cost: $40/person


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