M.Y.O.B. (Make Your Own Board) Monday

August 11, 2014 all-day
M.Y.O.B. (Make Your Own Board) Monday

Want that Epoisses? Been eyeing that Kunik? Heard of Camembert di Bufala?! Now is your chance to try ’em all! This Monday and every Monday from now on we will open our cheese case for your selection in the restaurant.┬áThat’s hundreds of cheeses at your fingertips! Bon appetit!

  • 12/14/15 16:52 Emily:

    Hello! I would like to bring my husband to one of these events, but week days are tough for getting out. Do you ever do this in a Saturday? And how does it work–do you pay a fee to sample? He was just mentioning to me the other day that he would like to do a cheese tasting or take a sort of cheese class, and since our first date was at Cheesetique, I thought this would make a great anniversary gift. Please let me know.


    Emily Long


    • 12/15/15 5:34 Jill Erber, Cheese Lady:

      Hi there, Emily. “Make Your Own Board Monday” is an opportunity to create your cheese board in the restaurant from any of our hundreds of cheeses in the shop. Any other night, you can order a cheese board (up to 10 items) from a rotating selection. It’s just part of our regular menu, so come in anytime to enjoy! If you want to come to a formal cheese class, sign up for our newsletter on the website so you know when new classes are scheduled. Then, you register online!

      Thanks so much,