Design-Your-Own Gift Bucket

Design-Your-Own Gift Bucket

As easy as it gets. A small bucket is $8, a large is $10. Then fill it with whatever tickles your fancy!


  1. We can fill your bucket with cheeses, meats, wine, crackers, sweets – you name it!
  2. If your bucket won’t be enjoyed that day, request a non-perishable bucket (you can always include a gift card for cheese).
  3. If there is a specific item you’d like, let us know. Otherwise, we’ll pick what’s best that day.
  4. Payment is processed when you pick up your bucket (we want to make sure you like it).
  5. Don’t worry – we’ll contact you if we have questions.

 Note: Please allow us at least one day’s notice to schedule your bucket. If you need a bucket today, call the shop to confirm availability.

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