Classic Cheese Platters

Made In America

Platters come with three cheeses, one meat, sweet & savory accompaniments, and crackers.
Simply give us a few details and let our expert cheesemongers do the rest!


Made in America

Made In America: The USA makes some of the tastiest cheeses anywhere. Let’s show ‘em how it’s done!

Taste of Italy

Taste of Italy: When in Rome! Some of Italy’s famous exports will have you dancing under the Tuscan Sun.

Flavors of France

Flavors of France: The French know their fromage. Enjoy some of the nation’s finest.

Tour of Europe

Tour of Europe: The best way to showcase Europe’s most delicious – without the jet lag.

Please allow one day’s notice to schedule your platter. If you need a platter today, call the shop to confirm availability.

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